What’s New?

Activity for Fat Penguin Sound has been low... I'll admit. It's probably time for some updates. I am still working on my dissertation, I ended up having to take last off away from working on it to settle into some life changes and a new day job. While I miss being in academia full-time, going … Continue reading What’s New?

Soundfield Microphones and Choir Broadcasts

Last November I was involved with a number of choir concerts that had to be broadcast. As anyone who has done broadcast knows, there is a definite battle with trying to get the ideal sound while also keeping sight lines clear from the array of microphone stands. Additionally, with choirs there is the issue of … Continue reading Soundfield Microphones and Choir Broadcasts

Standardized Testing

Colleges and universities have increasingly decided to make standardized testing optional, or -- in some cases -- to decline to accept test scores altogether. This decision has sparked some controversy from the public. Here, I share some of my experiences and thoughts on standardized testing. We must be careful not to discourage our twelve-year-olds by … Continue reading Standardized Testing