Speaker Delays and Wide Speakers

It is common practice to use multiple layers of speakers when dealing with larger spaces. There will often be a main speaker array, and the several fill (or "delay") speakers. When using these delay speakers, it is standard to add a time delay to the audio feed leading to those speakers to account for the propagation of sound throughout the space and attempt to minimize any perceptible echo and phase interference. What happens though when your speakers are far to the outsides of your audience

Soundfield Microphones and Choir Broadcasts

Last November I was involved with a number of choir concerts that had to be broadcast. As anyone who has done broadcast knows, there is a definite battle with trying to get the ideal sound while also keeping sight lines clear from the array of microphone stands. Additionally, with choirs there is the issue of … Continue reading Soundfield Microphones and Choir Broadcasts

Ambisonics Talk at Georgia Southern

Earlier in the semester I was contacted by Dr. John Thompson, who runs the Music Technology program at Georgia Southern University and invited to give a presentation as a part of their guest lecture series. If you've peeked at my About Me page, you'll know that I am an alumnus of the program. It was … Continue reading Ambisonics Talk at Georgia Southern